Cuba will work to teach English in schools

Cuba is preparing to increase and improve the teaching of the English language in the next school year, it is one of the main objectives remain responsible for the matter in Cuba, and was announced by the Minister of Higher Education of the island.

Thus the Minister of Higher Education of Cuba, Dr. Rodolfo Alarcón Ortiz said that teaching and preparation of the English language began to be applied from the beginning of the first year in all universities and in all races that are made in top-level institutions.

As explained Dr. Rodolfo Alarcón, all students must submit special tests that allow them to receive the respective corresponding partners of the English language credentials, which aims to achieve a fairly significant and high proficiency in the entire student population. Also motos electricas para Cuba is another work in progress being launched by the Cuban government.

Thus the Minister, proceeded to make visits to some universities and especially to the respective laboratories English in them exists, to verify the respective processes of fittings required, where they have installed different content, videos and audio conferences.

The Minister also announced that university courses which will reduce the number of years the periods that you must complete to obtain the respective university degrees, passing in some cases 5 years to 4.

Thus, the English language and their improvement is part of the strategic objectives of planning the university sector, with a view to achieving their mastery and improvement in the system of university education in the Cuban population.

Consequently, students will benefit from the various fittings that are taking place in the diversity of laboratories of different universities, where it is considered as a requirement for all races that are taught at a higher level teaching English language in Cuba as well as its improvement and perfection. This changes are perhaps because of the new relations between US and Cuba and already there are many changes that reflect that like envios aereos a Cuba and other commerce areas.

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The Rolling Stones give concert in Cuba

One of the most iconic rock bands, The Rolling Stones, dream of stepping on the soil of Cuba to give a concert, so that the relevant authorities of the Cuban Institute of Music are keeping several conversations with the logistics team of the group, with the intention that this band can give a concert in Havana, during the month of March.

This information was released by the Cuban Institute of Music during a broadcast of the Cultural News television Cuba, while said they are discussing the logistics of the concert, which thinks performed on the land adjacent to the Sports City of the Cuban capital.

In this same information, the Institute stressed that if the concert comes to fruition, the members of “The Rolling Stones” could play finally his dream of performing a concert on the Caribbean island, where, likewise , a close with a flourish to his tour of the group in Latin America, called “Olé Tour”.

The chances of this concert of are not new, since last year the vocalist of “The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards, stuck to the media the chance of reaching a concert on the island.

In fact, in this regard he stated that “We would visit Cuba now that the situation is changing. It is a place where there have been great cultural steps for the whole world. It would be interesting to be there, because it is a new place for us and surely will be a novelty for them. Negotiations are progressing and when there is a confirmation we will know. “

The dream of going to Cuba was not born in Keith Richards of the overnight, was in fact bassist “The Rolling Stones”, Darryl Jones, who came to convince everyone present in Havana in Cuba.

Carried out this concert, it would not only be the first of this kind carried out in Cuba, but will serve to open the door to many other concerts that can be done on the island. These are just some of the changes happening in Cuba, along with new companies offering envios a cuba and new cultural bonds being built.

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Cuba and the United States pose Cooperation in Health

A delegation from Cuba traveled to the United States to study between the two countries establish ties of cooperation and assistance in health. And it is precisely in the area of health, where a strong presence and development is observed, to initiate exchanges of bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

The delegation of Cuba to travel to the United States, was composed of a body under the Ministry of Health commission, which had the opportunity to meet with directors and officials of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and other representatives of other US health centers.

The Cuban delegation also had the opportunity to visit some institutes related to diseases such as cancer and infectious diseases such as well as institutions and centers specializing in control and disease prevention (CDC).

Among the delegations of both countries, it is planned, collaboration and cooperation that have as powerful research, prevention and treatment of diseases of infectious, such as Sika, dengue, chikungunya and many other infectious origin type. Collaboration and cooperation, in a kind of chronic, such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension diseases is also contemplated.

Other areas also were raised for collaboration and bilateral cooperation, those related to mental health, aging and health research type.

All these areas of care, research, collaboration, cooperation, control and development; They will be included in agreements and understandings that are being prepared on this subject.

And during the visit he made the President of the United States Barack Obama to Cuba during the month of March in the year 2,016, inclusion and deepening of these issues were agreed.

Cuba some years maintains high income from the export of professional services, representing an estimated income of 6,000 million dollars. About this period there is a total of about 50,000 doctors who are providing their professional services in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela and some African nations approximate. For more Cuba news be sure to check out todo cuba for weekly updates.

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The best limousine service in Cape Coral

If you are looking for some of the best limousine service in cape coral then I suggest you watch this video, based on my personal experience they are truly the best option.

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Some knowledge from my recent trip to Cuba

I recently travel to Cuba and learned a few things I believe are important to know, so if you planning to visit the island read this. To rent a car you must present your passport and driving license, as conditions require drivers to have an age of 21, and the license could be international or from your country of origin, but with a seniority of not less than one year. I recommend not to travel at night, and take care in rural areas with the animals on the road and in urban areas with cyclists. Keep the car in a safe well-lit place and do not leave valuables when you’re out of it. Traffic fines are on your own, and if you do not pay you contract a debt with the State. To orient yourself on the roads I suggest you buy a map called “Road Guide of Cuba”.

No need vaccinations to travel to Cuba. Most hotels have medical services 24 hours with specialists and nurses. In major cities there are specialized clinics for tourists. Although tap water is drinkable, we advise you to drink bottled water and to avoid tropical disease.

TodoCuba Blog
But Cuba is a safe country with a low crime rate, you should take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of “thieves” who are on the hunt for some yours neglect to seize personal items such as wallets, cameras and video , suitcases, briefcases and shopping crates. For your peace on the streets there are enough police to where you can go if you need anything, they are young men always willing to help but do not speak English.

Here are some tips about: when you go for a walk not carry more money than you need; do not let your belongings unattended and shopping bags; in public places with agglomeration not neglect the wallet and passport, put them in the front pocket; in restaurants always check the account; Stay away from the improvised “tour guides” are not professionals, many do not know Cuban history and culture, and they are amiable to deceive the tourists; Keep your jewelry and valuables in the hotel safe. For additional resources I suggest you visit Todo Cuba since is a good place to find more tips.

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How I stay on top of my multiple businesses

In order for me to have the freedom to visit a lot of places I must have different sets of income streams coming from multiple businesses, traveling is not cheap but at the same time it doesn’t cost a fortune to do. Most of the really good places to visit around the world are actually quite cheap. With a monthly income of 5-6k per month is more than enough to travel comfortably.

However, I do my best to try to stay on top of many of my businesses. I don’t do it alone since I have multiple partners for each business, that way I can have the freedom to travel and check everything via the internet.

This means my partners from my limousine service website handle the clients and closing sales, I simply take care of making sure the website is receiving enough traffic and leads in order for them to continue to close sales, I sit behind the scenes and make money. Getting partners is one of the best things to do in business, I highly recommend it since the work is divided between the partners and you don’t feel stressed, specially if you work on the internet.

Palm beachHere’s another of my businesses  that actually works really well. It all started with making a simple website that continues to generate consistent leads. I work very hard on that site and after 6 months of hard work it continues to generate consistent sales on a very lucrative industry that pays really good commissions.

Diversifying your portfolio is one of the best things you can do in business, don’t stick to one or two. There’s a saying that goes that you should never put all your eggs in one basket and I totally agree with that in business.

If your goal is to travel and make money then have clear business plan and a working process, get partners and make sure it’s actually making money before you jump into another industry. I hope this information helps someone out there 😉

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Traveling around the world…how I did it

Hey glad you made it, this is my first post so I’m going to do my best to deliver quality from time to time. Let’s talk about traveling and why I like it so much. See, I used to work a 9-5 not too long ago and although I was making some good money it was just not the same. In fact most of the time I wanted to quit that job because I had to sit on a cubicle for long hours doing something I really was not enjoying.

Then I decided to explore the internet, I bought a course on how to build sites and bought a few different courses on marketing and advertising including search engine optimization and more. I was hooked, even though I didn’t see results in my own little venture for about 2 years, when I was able to walk away from my job enough to at least replace my job income I decided to walk away and simply stick to a budget and travel the world. I’ve been able to travel to amazing places while sticking to my budget and have learned a lot of new things that I’ll share here.


For now I hope that you enjoy reading some of the content as this is my first post you should expect more soon where I’ll talk about a ton of different topics. And remember never be afraid to follow your dreams and do what really makes you happy, most people are stuck in life doing something they hate and this blog is the opposite of that.

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